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Bathroom : Planning can add serenity to your space

We couldn’t agree more with interior designer Sara Cosgrove on the importance of planning and designing your dream bathroom. At McDaids we offer a bespoke 4D design consultation service giving you 100% peace of mind and clarity when designing and ordering your bathroom. Our design team are waiting to help you take the next step and achieve your ideal bathroom. As Sara puts it below your bathroom is arguably the favorite place in your home to relax and unwind. Want [...]

Thinking About Taking Out Your Bath?

Installing a New Shower? Well, after years of talking about it, hours of complaining about our teenagers using the only En Suite in the house (Ours), its done!! We have finally managed to remove The Bath from our Bathroom and replace with a Brand New Shower Enclosure. Why??  I hear you cry!!  In the past The Bath was used for bathing the kids,  relaxing after a hard days work, washing hair over, soaking the feet.  We even had a very good [...]