X-TREME Tile Backer Board

“X-TREME Tile Backer Board”

X-TREME Tile Backer Board is a better environmental alternative and upgrade to replace gypsum and plywood products for walls, floors and counter tops. These products are typical used in wet areas as a tiling underlayment where they are extremely prone to deterioration or delimitation should moisture penetrate through a crack in the wall or floor. When installed in accordance with the X-TREME TILE BACKER BOARD INSTRUCTIONS this should not happen


  • Erect vertical timber studs at maximum 600mm centres Cut your X-TREME Backer Board Board to the desired size using a standard utility knife and applying the score and snap method
  • Fix the board using stainless steel alkali resistant countersunk screws. Ensure screws are spaced a minimum of 15mm from the edge of the board at 300mm intervals.
  • Boards should be staggered when fixing with the. four corners of the boards never meeting.
  • 6mm X-TREME Board should be fixed to the floor using alkali resistant stainless steel countersunk screws at maximum 200mm centres.
  • The substrate should be clean and completely level.
  • A silicone bead should be installed at the internal joints before tiling and again after tiling in line with best practise.
  • Alkali resistant  joint should applied to the joints .This tape should be embedded in tile adhesive.
  • Once dry you should prime boards before applying tile adhesive and tiles.