The 50 shades of grey in a bathroom:

Within the last year to 18 months we have seen the real emergence of grey in interior design. A colour once thought of as cold and uninviting it is now being utilised to create modern, clean and photogenic spaces throughout the home and not least in the bathroom. Once thought of as a “fad” grey is here to stay if we like it or not. Below are a few tips on how to bring little splashes of colour and ideas on how to best decorate the colour grey in a bathroom.

Tile Selection: Probably the most important part of your bathroom design is which tile you will use. Unlike a quick lick of paint, tiles are for the most part here to stay for a considerable amount of time. When choosing grey I would recommend looking through the following scenarios. Firstly have a look at what light you have in the room, is there a considerable amount of natural light or will you need to use artificial lighting in order to keep your space bright? Once you have looked at this you will be able to proceed.
Now you have seen what light you have available to you, you can make an informed decision on the shade of grey your tiles will be. I highly recommend using a light grey as your main tile and then accent this with either a feature wall including colours or darker shades of grey or using a contrasting floor tile. If your space is particularly dark then a light grey tile throughout may be best suited with a “less is more” approach. A simple change of tile pattern instead of shade may be enough to give you the desired contemporary look (possibly a herring bone pattern feature wall etc).

Colour bursts: Now that you have your base colour sorted you’re ready to add a splash of colour. This will very much depend on the size and features of your bathroom. For these instances consider the following:
Vanity Units For all bathrooms, there is an opportunity to choose a vanity unit, a bold colour choice here will give you the opportunity to build your accessories of choice around this. Navy works very well with grey and can be found in both contemporary and traditional suites. Green is another colour which we have seen work well with grey. Something from Utopia Bathrooms ranges such as Lustre and Opula for contemporary looks or Bayswater Bathrooms if you prefer the traditional feel.

Baths Why not bring out some colour with your bath? And we don’t mean putting colour dye in the water. Adamsez Baths will colour match the outside of their freestanding baths to any RAL colour of your choice. In the right space, this would be the most spectacular WOW-FACTOR piece of any bathroom. You can match the colour of your previously chosen vanity unit or you could tie in another colour which complements both this and the tiles chosen. With this option you can almost be sure that not one of your friends will have the same bath as your own which really ties in with Adamsez’s own tag line “Ad Colour; Make me yours”.
Brassware Within the last 6 months in Ireland but for much longer on the continent coloured brassware is back with a bang. Matt black is a popular choice and the options are endless. For those that are slightly braver, we have brushed chrome, brushed brass, rose gold, nickel etc. Aqualla Brassware have two lovely ranges of coloured brassware in Fuse and Ramore with a full range of components to match throughout.

Accessories No not your usual towel ring, toilet paper holder etc but what we hang on them is more important for design. While the aforementioned towel ring is essential for practicality I want to concentrate on the towel(s) that we are hanging on the ring. For this your options are endless, the bolder you go the better it will look and the beauty of this is you can pick 2-3 sets and change when necessary giving you a new look bathroom each time. You can also buy new sets at any stage and for minimal cost give your bathroom a beautiful facelift at any time. Another way of accessorising your bathroom is by using plants and ornaments. If you have chosen a feature tile or coloured furniture etc I would recommend picking a colour to tie in with this and use the less is more approach to avoid cluttered spaces.

Shower Doors The choice here is limited but can really finish off the space. The most common finish for framing etc on a shower door or wet room panel is chrome but we now have the beautiful matt black offerings with varying amounts of black on show. First brought to the market by Drench Showers we now have both the Drench wet room panel on display and also Sonas Bathrooms equivalent Trellis wet room screen. As mentioned earlier these are finishing touches that will give your space and design its “pièce de résistance”.

Last of all, once all your research and hard work has been done, sit back relax and enjoy your perfect grey bathroom.

If all of this sounds a little hard to comprehend or you’re worried about making the wrong choice our expert sales team can take you all the way from design to completion. We love helping our customers create their dream bathrooms using our design software, industry-leading expertise and our wide range of products on offer.

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