Stegu Palermo Graphite Tiles

Stegu Palermo Graphite Tiles


Palermo Graphite Decorative Stone Tiles

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Stegu Palermo Graphite Tiles

  • 0.62 Sq/Mtr Per Box
  • 8 Pieces Per Box
  • Sold Per Box

Interior and Exterior Stone Cladding

Stegu is a well-recognised European brand offering its customers a wide range of stone veneer. Stegu are constantly widening its offer with new collections such as decors, garden elements and wooden wall panels (Wood Collection line). For more than 20 years Stegu has been manufacturing stone veneer products inspired by nature, using only natural materials and pigments, in line with main decorative trends.

Durability, colour nuances and refinement are the main characteristics of Stegu products that perfectly match traditional and modern interiors. Decorative wall and facade cladding is offered in different colours and structures to satisfy various tastes. They may also perfectly serve as insulation and protection from dirt and physical damage. In addition, they are fire and frost proof.



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