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Henley Stoves for Sale including Boiler and Non Boiler available from 4.5 KW to 30 KW. 5 Year Warranty on body and 1 year warranty on baffle grate and fuel retainer.

  • Achill Boiler Modelhenley 5 year warranty


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    • The Achill room heater multi fuel stove is designed to heat large living areas.
    • It is a steel stove with a cast iron door and efficiency level of over 77%.
    • Its secondary air mechanism helps keep your glass clean for that lovely open fire look while adding warmth to your home.
    • The Achill 17kW multi fuel Insert boiler is capable of heating up to 9/10″ single radiators.
    • The Achill 18kW multi fuel Freestanding boiler is capable of heating up to 10/11″ single radiators.
    • The Achill 21kW multi fuel Insert boiler is capable of heating up to 13/14″ single radiators.
    • It is Constructed from steel with a cast iron door with an efficiency level of over 77%.
    • It is thermostatically controlled which combined with both primary and secondary air allows for exceptional control.
  • Cambridge 7.5 BlackCambridge 5 Cream


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    • The new Cambridge stove is a blend of traditional values with a modern twist.
    • Its popular look and excellent cast iron build quality makes this stove an excellent choice for any customer.
    • Boasting primary,secondary and tertiary air for excellent air control and an efficiency level of 77%.
    • It is available in 3 sizes in 5kW, 7.5kW and 10.5kW in matt and enamel.
  • Druid 21 Boilerhenley 5 year warranty


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    • The Druid range starts at 5kw and increases all the way to a 30kw boiler.
    • It is constructed from high grade steel with a heavy cast iron door.
    • It also has a double combustion system and cool to touch handle.
    • The Druid  is also Defra Approved.
    • Radiators Capability : 12kw -6 radiators , 21kw – 13 radiators , 25kw- 17 radiators , 30kw -21 radiators