• grundfos MQ3 35 booster pump

    Grundfos MQ3-35 Booster Pump

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    MQ is a compact water supply system designed for domestic, agricultural and horticultural applications. Applications The MQ pump is designed for water supply and pressure boosting
    • in private homes
    • in summer houses and weekend cottages
    • on farms
    • in market gardens and other large gardens.
    The pump is suitable for pumping of potable water and rainwater. Features and benefits
    • All-in-one pressure booster unit
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to operate
    • Self-priming
    • Dry-running protection
    • Low-noise
    • Maintenance-free.
  • grundfos nordic CMB3 27 booster pump

    Grundfos Nordic CMB3-27 Booster Pump

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    The CME Booster provides constant water pressure for a variety of domestic applications. This means that the end-user is no longer bothered by fluctuations in water pressure due to a rise or fall in demand, or from pump starts and stops. CME Booster keeps the pressure within the home up regardless of usage. The constant pressure feature provides the benefit of increased comfort. In addition the CME Booster makes it possible to personalise the water pressure. By the touch of a button the pressure level is increased or decreased as desired. Features
    • Constant pressure via integrated speed control
    • Compact
    • Robust, stainless steel
    • Easy installation
    • Dry-running protection
    • Low noise, 55 dB
  • -6%
    grundfos scala 2 booster pump

    Grundfos Scala 2 Booster Pump

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    Perfect water pressure – finally compact and easy to install SCALA2 is a fully integrated water booster pump providing perfect water pressure in all taps at all times – even with multiple taps and showers running at the same time. It packs a pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve into one compact unit. And with its intelligent pump control, SCALA2 automatically adjusts performance to both inlet pressure and water consumption in the home. Thanks to a water-cooled motor, SCALA2 even offers one of the lowest noise levels of any booster on the market. Benefits
    • Perfect water pressure: Intelligent pump control adjusts operation automatically
    • Low noise: As quiet as a modern dishwasher (47 dB(A) in typical use)
    • Easy selection: One variant for all domestic boosting needs
    • Easy installation: Compact, all-in-one solution, plug-and-pump
    • Easy to operate: User-friendly control panel
    • Reliable operation: Dry-running protection, anti-cycling
    • Long lifetime: Quality-tested to perfection, maintenance-free
    Applications SCALA2 is the perfect choice for residential buildings with up to 3 floors and 8 taps.
    • Boosting from mains: Increases the water pressure delivered by city mains
    • Boosting from tanks: Increases water pressure from roof tanks, break tanks and ground tanks, including rainwater tanks.
    • Boosting from wells: Pumps water from a depth of 8 metres
    Suitable for both Indoor and outdoor installation X4D and Enclosure type 3(US
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