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Are you looking for a hot water cylinder? We have Joule cylinders for sale which can be ordered online.

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    JOULE Hot Water Copper Cylinders

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    We Supply Copper Cylinders Manufactured by Joule.
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    Joule Copper Vented Grade 3 Cylinders are manufactured using only the highest grade materials. The cylinders are designed to be able to withstand 9.6 meters head height in your open vented plumbing system. This is actually height difference between the bottom of your copper cylinder to the top of the water level in your cold water storage tank. The Joule Grade 3 range are Irelands most advanced cylinder design available. We value the quality of our workmanship so much that we are the copper cylinder manufacturer in both Ireland and the United Kingdom to box and individually barcode every Joule cylinder. This commitment to quality in both manufacturing and distributing of our complete product range ensures a superior experience for you our customer.

    Available Sizes The cylinders are available in any size and configuration between 20″-72″ high and diameters between 12″-24″ wide not including insulation thickness. The cylinders can be manufactured with any number of heating coils required.