Jackoboard Plano

Jackoboard Plano


  • Whether you are planning a new bathroom or modernising old bathrooms , shower structures
  • For walls , floor structures, partition walls , shelves , washstands , floor-level showers , tub solutions or special furniture ideas
  • The construction boards can be cut to any desired size
  • The solution for bathroom renovations
  • Uneven walls can be levelled
  • Flat uniform surfaces can be created
  • Combined with metal plugs can be used on non adhesive old wall coverings
  • Thicknesses from 4 up to 80 mm
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We have different versions of JACKOBOARD  suitable for every project  Contact US

  • Easy to work with
  • Can be covered immediately with tiles , filler , plaster
  • Water repellent
  • Low weight approx 3-6kg/m2
  • For rooms exposed to high level of moisture
  • High compression strength (300kPa)
  • Optimum insulation properties
  • Complete with general building code test certification

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