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  • At McDaids Bathroom Tiles we offer modern vanities in variety of sizes and style to match your colour and decor.
  • Depending on your decor we have the best choices for you home;
  • Modern furniture are great for a contemporary home featuring sleek designs and stylish sinks with a minimal hardware, with a finish that compliments any decor.
  • Transitional feature a combination of contemporary and classic design elements and will appeal to any trend.
  • Antique furniture incorporate contemporary features that you would expect in today’s vanity designs, with rich wood, decorative and looks that are classic ensuring that the style stays on.
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  • We have a range of different bathroom vanities to choose from;
  • Single bathroom vanity that are ideal for guest baths as they provide a compact package with pedestal style, wall mounted style to freestanding into that feature modern style which will be of good taste to your guest.
  • Double bathroom vanity are great master piece for master bedrooms as they offer ample amounts of storage space for towels and toiletries giving you a piece of mind keeping your space organised and looking sharp with no clutter around.
  • Wall mounted vanity  are great as they give that spacious look with their floating appearance, available in single and double sink varieties. They speak for themselves with a bold and stylish voice.
  • Freestanding vanity look like a console table and come in both modern and traditional styles, easy to find a match to fit you decor and blend, hence simpler to work with as they rest on legs.