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To Your Dream Bathroom

4D offers you the chance to physically explore your new, changing the way we purchase such large cost items.

  • Looking to buy a new bathroom, Confused by the huge amount of Choice?
  • Buying a bathroom is not something you do every day.
  • Unlike test driving a new car or looking around a new home, your future bathroom is not something you can experience before you buy it.
  • Our Virtual Worlds 4D allows you to step inside a true life simulation of your proposed bathroom design and explore every aspect of it.
  • Peace of mind starts here
  • Contact us for your 4D Bathroom design and we will happily help you all the way.
  • Here at McDaids we truly believe that we are a one-stop shop.
  • Our Virtual Worlds 4D showroom compliments this.
  • We now offer a comprehensive design consultation to aid you in attaining your dream bathroom.
  • We understand how difficult it can be to imagine a tile and bathroom suite picked in our showroom in your house.
  • This innovative technology allows us to place you in the middle of the room.
  • You can take a guided tour through your bathroom and have a true understanding of your design.
  • Upon your completed consultation you will be provided with an information pack to take home. 

This consists of the following:

  • Photorealistic 3D images of the finalized plan
  • 2-dimensional line drawing including measurements which you can give to the installer for reference.
  • Full quotation for your proposed design which is valid for 30 Days.
  • First of all, get in contact with us in the showroom.
  • If you have an accurate plan of the bathroom be it architects drawings or your own line drawing send them in to the aforementioned email address and reference them 4D design plans.
  • If you do not have accurate plans or are unsure of how & what to measure we can arrange a site visit.
  • On a site visit, we will take all the necessary measurements to complete your plan.
  • We can take existing plans & ideas with us to your house and get a feel for what you would like designed.
  • Once we have all the necessary measurements we need to perform an initial consultation.
  • This can be done on site or in the showroom when submitting your plans.
  • In the initial consultation, we will perform a ‘Wants & Needs’ analysis with you, take you around our extensive showroom with over 40 fully furbished displays so you can select items which you like. 
  • Upon completion of initial consultation you will need to book a viewing appointment with our design team.
  • Your initial design will be complete in time for viewing appointment and any amendments that need to be made can be done so during this time. 

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