Dab E.Sysbox Mini 3 Booster Pump

Dab E.Sysbox Mini 3 Booster Pump


    • NEW 3-rotor model ensures further noise reduction and energy consumption
    • NEW Wireless software updating
    • Thanks to inverter technology, E.SYBOX MINI³ draws the energy necessary according to the water requirements
    • Maximum working pressure 5.5 bar
    • Maximum flow 80 litres per minute, maximum head 55m
    • Versatile installation, vertical, horizontal or wall mounted, virtually anywhere in the home
    • Efficient absorption of vibrations means the system is the quietest running booster pump of its kind on the market – 45db(A) at one metre
    • The E.SYBOX MINI³ is just 439mm high, 263mm wide and 236mm deep
    • Easy maintenance thanks to technical compartment, which allows access to the air vessel loading valve and non-return valve
    • Supplied with a pair of one inch brass connection unions
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Energy saving

The DAB E.SYBOX MINI 3 features a variable speed pump which automatically adjusts according to the demand to ensure maximum running efficiency. The E.SYBOX MINI 3 provides constant water pressure without surges, and can save you 50% on running costs compared with traditional solutions. The maximum input power on the E.SYBOX MINI 3 is 0.8kW.

Compact and quiet

The unit is extremely compact and can be installed horizontally, vertically and on a wall bracket (sold separately), designed to operate with ultra low running noise and minimal vibrations, the E.SYBOX MINI 3 is quick to install, easy to adjust using the high-resolution LCD display and easy to maintain.

  • e.sybox mini 3 has a different appearance than any other booster set and is small and completely integrated. Once you install and use it, you realize that the real difference is in the comfort and performance.
  • e.sybox mini 3 uses the most advanced DAB technologies to create constant pressure according to the system demands and thus an optimization of energy consumption.
  • Suitable for use with potable water, in domestic systems and gardening applications.
  • The new 3-rotor model ensures further noise reduction and energy consumption.
  • Managing the water pressure in your home has never been so simple and quiet.
  • OPERATING RANGE: flow rate up to 80l/min; head up to 55m
  • PUMPED LIQUID: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, non viscous, non aggressive, non crystallized and not chemically neutral
  • LIQUID TEMPERATURE RANGE: from 0°C to + 35°C for domestic use and from 0°C + 40°C for other use


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