Clever Click Flooring

removes the need for adhesive


Revolutionary easy-to-install technology

Our Clever Click PVC flooring system is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms due to its water resistance, slip-resistant surface and hard wearing properties. No wood or MDF is used in its construction so there is nothing to warp, swell or rot should the flooring come into contact with water.

Benefits of Clever Click PVC Flooring

Our flooring comes in a variety of stunning tile and timber effects and is warm and quiet underfoot. It can be installed directly over existing surfaces such as concrete, tiles or timber.

    • Quick and easy to install
    • No underlining or adhesive required
    • Slip-resistant surface
    • High water resistance
    • Scuff, stain and scratch resistant
    • 20-year guarantee
    • Suitable for all rooms.
    • Suitable for underfloor heating.


What is Clever Click?

  • Available in a range of both Wood and Stone designs, Clever Click is a revolutionary, easy-to-install technology which halves installation time compared to traditional vinyl floor installation.
  • Clever Click technology removes the need for adhesive and timely room preparation, meaning your new floor can be installed in no time.
  • With no need for underlining or adhesives, fitting the flooring is as simple as laying the tiles/planks and clicking them into place.
  • Our Clever Click PVC flooring comes in either 324mm x 655mm tiles or 191mm x 1316mm planks, all are 5mm thick.