Blacksmith Stoves

Blacksmith Stoves guarantee that:

  • Your product will be free from defective parts, at the time of purchase by the original consumer for a period of
  • 2 years on Glass,
  • 3 years on internal castings
  • 5 years on external castings.
  • The Artisan insert stove is the cosy solution when you want to retain the look of your fireplace but crave the efficiency of a stove. With the beautiful cast iron Artisan insert, you retain all the benefits of an open fire with the advantages of reduced fuel usage and less draughts.
  • It is easy to install and less fuel means reduced fuel costs; kind to your pocket and the environment.
  • The Artisan insert stove from Blacksmith, the elegant and cost-effective way to your very own cast iron masterpiece.
  • The “junior” Blacksmith Harness free-standing stove is the latest addition to the Blacksmith Multi-Fuel family. This model is the ideal solution for smaller rooms and fireplaces where space is at a premium while giving enough heat to remain cosy.
  • The Harness is both compact and efficient containing all the features of its elder lemons! A Riddler system for the grate. Primary and Secondary air controls which assist the cleanburn technology for glass air wash system. A heart warmer for any room – a true treat to the eye
  • The Artisan Fire Front or Door is specially designed to enhance the look of your 16” or 18” open fire while greatly improving the efficiency of your existing back boiler.
  • The beautiful Blacksmith Fire front is a controllable “unit” with all the features of a cast iron insert stove which greatly reduces your fuel usage and is quick and easy to fit. It takes up minimal space on the hearth without intrusion to the room and is kind to the environment and your pocket.
  • The Artisan Fire front from Blacksmith, another affordable way to your very own cast iron masterpiece.


  • The Anvil is the smallest Blacksmith multi-fuel stove yet has an impressive radiant heat output for its compact size. Beautifully made in cast iron, the Anvil is available in matt black and enamel finishes. It comes in non-boiler and boiler format, allowing it to heat a domestic hot water cylinder and in some cases will also run 1-2 small radiators.
  • Neat and elegant in design the Anvil complements a contemporary or traditional interior. With a clear view of the flames through the generously sized front glass, the presence of an Anvil creates a warm and welcoming focal point in any room. For long-lasting warmth and value combined with tidy elegance, the Anvil is the perfect choice of Blacksmith stove.
  • The Bellows is a medium size stove combining the latest technology with inviting good looks. Skillfully made in cast iron, it comes in striking matt black or enamel finishes. The Bellows can be enjoyed as a stand-alone heat source or it can heat a water cylinder and five to six radiators comfortably.
  • Through the large glass door enjoy the sight of rich flames, the strength of which can be manually controlled.
  • A beautiful stove to treasure, the Bellows is considered a jewel in the Blacksmith range.
  • The Forge has strength and power hidden behind its sleek and stylish appearance. Available in matt black or enamel finish it can also heat up to twelve radiators, supply ample hot water and run a domestic home heating system while generously emitting heat to your room. The water temperature is controlled by a mechanical thermostat.
  • As a stand-alone heat source it is the ultimate choice in natural home heating, with the visible flames and radiant heat warmly transforming large rooms and open plan spaces. Well designed and graceful in appearance, in the flames of the Forge, Blacksmith glows with pride.