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Enhance your Bathroom with our Mirrors

create an illusion of space

  • Your mirror is quite literally a reflection of you and your style aspirations. The right mirror can create the illusion of space, enhance your lighting scheme and deliver the look you want for your bathroom.
  • Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect bathroom. At McDaids Bathroom Tiles you will surely find one that suits your aesthetic and meets your needs. Whether you can’t live without your playlist, like your lighting ‘just so’, or always have a device to charge -we have a mirror for you. Browse our collection and you might also find a ‘wow’ you can use as the inspiration for your new bathroom design.
  • At McDaid’s we have a range of mirrors with different innovative features including; Bluetooth, sensor lights, demisters, shaving plugs, cool and warm lighting features and more.

“Statements about our mirrors”

  • Illuminated edges make a powerful style statement.
  • A backlight mirror gives a more subtle light effect
  • Adjustable lighting creates the perfect atmosphere.
  • A feature mirror with a contemporary layered design.
  • Soft backlighting with surface border detail
  • Curved form and elegant backlight glow
  • Contemporary styling with bold illumination
  • Simple sophistication with backlighting above and below
  • Stay connected even in your bathroom
  • A statement mirror with built-in functionality
  • A classic design with an integrated technology
  • A fusion of style, design detail and next level illumination