Bathtubs designed for your bathroom


Bathtubs for Every Application

  • The type of bath you bathe in can make a huge difference to your bathroom, our bathtubs come in a range of different shapes, colours and sizes to fit any bathroom and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • We have free standing baths and roll top baths for bigger and larger bathrooms as well as a wide range of options for smaller bathrooms. L Shaped and P Shaped baths are a popular  choice for style and function, which are great at space saving and come as a package with matching bath screens.
  • Visit our showroom in County Donegal we have lots in stock for you from bathtubs, shower trays, toilets seats, toilets, showers, shower doors, shower enclosures, wet-rooms, bathroom accessories and many more .





  • A bathroom model is not complete without a new shower, bathtub and complimentary bath fixtures. An upgrade will do well for you with a new bath tub to complete the look of your bathroom. Modern bathroom has a vast selection of both right handed and left handed tubs to fit your needs or go for a more unique look with a clawfoot bathtub by Victoria and Albert with different shapes and vast amount of details.
  • Alcove bathtubs – Maximise the space in your bathroom, available in a selection of both right and left handed tubs to fit your needs.
  • Drop-In bath tubs – These tubs have unfinished sides and are meant to be installed within a more custom frame made of tile or marble, we offer both jet and non jet versions, McDaids Bathroom Tiles has the drop-in bathtub to suit your needs.
  • Free-standing baths – Offer a more modern look to the the clawfoot bathtubs, soak and unwind in one of these in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Undermount  bathtubs – If you need that different look and feel, from oval to round, rectangular and square jet options or traditional, we have the undermount for you.
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